There are many factors that affect the healing process that we have no control over (i.e how you take care of your brow tattoo, how your skin heals and retains pigment). There is absolutely no guarantee with healed results, additional touchups may be required to achieve optimal healed results. The use of brow cosmetics products may still be required to achieve your desired look.


Prior to booking your new appointment you must send us clear photos of your existing brow tattoo via email browtinibar@gmail.com so we can assess your brows and determine if they can be revised.  We can not guarantee results for corrective/ coverup work. If previous work is too dark, dense, discolored, or too large, tattoo removal is highly recommended before booking an appointment with us to achieve best results.  Corrective/ coverup work will generally require multiple sessions for best results and additional touchups will be charged accordingly.


Effective January 2017, all new appointments will be required to pay a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. This deposit is to ensure that you are serious about your appointment. If you cancel or do not show up for your appointment, you will simply forfeit your deposit.  Thank you for respecting our time and we look forward to meeting you!


The first touch-up is included within 4-12 weeks after your initial visit; however, it is your responsibility to ensure it is scheduled within that time frame. If it is past 12 weeks from your initial appointment, you will be charged a maintenance fee based on the time between the 12th week and the time your touch-up is scheduled. 


Prices are subject to change at anytime. Rates may increase with travel and guest appearances or special circumstances. Appointments in other cities does not guarantee a return touchup appointment. You must make travel arrangements to come to our studio in fort worth, texas for future appointments.